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Friday, April 18, 2008

One month anniversary

So on April 17, 2008, was mine and Danny's one month anniversary. I really like him, and he makes me so happy. It all started when I came home from school at 11:30 am. I went into my bedroom where he was sleeping, and jumped on the bed, then I said "Happy one month!" Then he got up and we hung out for a wee-bit, before I had to go to physicaly therapy. Then after words, I came home, took a shower,and tanned outside for about 10 minutes. I then went inside and told him I would be ready to leave in just a few minutes. Little did he know that I wouldn't be ready to leave for another 45 minutes. I picked out a little black top, with a pair of jeans that look just absolutely fabulous on me; I took the time to curl my hair, and do my make-up. All the while he was watching me. He makes me feel all giddy when he watches me as I get ready, for anything. I then made him pick which shoes I was going to wear, and then we left. I felt so pretty, and I like getting all prettied up for him. We then went out to eat at Red Lobster, just so that way I could have my ultimate feast. MMM, he spoils me rotten sometimes. Afterwards we went and saw Mumsie, at her job at Petland. We played with the cutest doggy ever, it was an Akita, and he had such a good temperment; with the fact that Akitas aren't known for. Then we went to our friend Ike's new place and hung out with him, proceeding that we went to our friend JJ's and then Dusty's. We were in by 11pm and attempted to watch The Professional, with his brother Steve and his g/f Jaime. I of course fell asleep within the first 30 minutes of watching it.

I then woke up this morning, and kind of woke him up. :) I had my coffee, and now we are going to go take a shower. Bye Bye!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A very VERY eventful night

So, tonight after I arrived at Gary's studio, me and Tia pretty much stripped down within 5 minutes. We shot on a satin sheet, mmm I love satin it was soft, and so was Tia :) I pretty much showed her some fun techniques also... the rolling of the R's then we played naked twister while Gary took pics. She then presumed to talk for the rest of the night in a russian accent and I couldn't stop laughing. She is so precious with her crazy self. Then we did a lesbian bondage shoot tehe. We were wrapped up in this garland with hearts. It felt like barbed wire and was uncomfy, but it was still fun!!!

Monday, March 31, 2008


So I hate being sick,I want my uterus to die, and today has been a looonnnnggg day. For instance, I have been sick and ucky feeling, my uterus doesn't want to make up it's mind on if it wants to have a period or not. Then I am here at Mark's with my b/f Petri and our friend Stu. Just chillin and heard a new song of Mark's band. It is awesome mind you. I don't think I will go to school tomorrow cuz I don't feel good tonight and don't think I will feel any better by the morning. Well off to bed here soon so goodnight!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The day out with the G-ma

SSSSoooo.... yesterday was a day to remember

It all started at 6:45 am when I woke up. I made my pot of Kona Koffee as I usually do, then I cleaned my car out. I then woke my brother up at 8 am. Then after I got out of the shower, me and my brother headed out to Indianapolis to spend the day with our g-ma. Well I tried to glue my driver's side mirror and ended up getting super glue all over my fingers!! Then me and Branden met G-ma at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Well, there had to have been 3 schools there, so after we paid for our tickets to get in, we started wandering around. Well, between all the little demons running around without chaperones, and the new exhibits they had, it sucked!!!! That museum used to be such a cool place, and it used to be fun! But now it sucks, the exhibits were almost nothing, the people in the place were rude, and the food in their cafe thingy sucked!!! It might as well be closed down.
Well then me and bro, and g-ma, left the museum and met back up at her place. We decided we were going to catch a movie that night. So I am driving and ended up getting lost on the way to her place!! I spent like an extra half hour or hour on the road trying to find my way back. Eventually I found my way back to g-ma's.
We decided we would go see, Drillbit Taylor, and had dinner before hand. MM she made a chicken casserole. mmm, So the movie turned out just fine, it was cute and funny. Then me and the bro had to go back home, because I had to get up and be at a DR's appt this morning at 830 am. Well, on the way home last night, about 40 miles away from the IN and OH border, my car breaks down and is smoking and I started to bawl my eyes outs. After 3 hours of sitting at a gas station waiting for my friends to come pick me and the bro up, I figured out what was wrong with it. And the friends still wanted to drive us home, and tomorrow me and my fam are picking my car up. So I didn't get home until about 3 am, didn't fall asleep until 4 am, got up and went to my dr's appt, and slept and cleaned all day today. THE END

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


was a fun, hectic, and just a plain old day. I got up early, while Petri was still sleeping, and cleaned a whole new room, and it isn't even half way done yet ><. Then Petri woke up and we had some fun :D then daddy came home and then I had to leave for a photo shoot right after Petri left for work. At the photo shoot I shot nekid with Lauren :) and Harold and Mike shot us :). It was freezing in the studio! I thought my nipples were going to fall off from how hard they were ><. so now I am home and to bed I am going

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


so yesterday, I cleaned for a good while and I am going to continue cleaning here as soon as I am done with my blog. Then me and Petri took a shower... uber fun... then we watched a movie and layed down and napped. Then we got up and had dinner with the family, then I went to the gym as he went to Mark's, he then picked me up from the gym and we both went to Mark's. I finally got to meet Brittney, she is the one who broke Dusty's heart, and for two years put him in debt and didn't clean while she was home or have a job. She seems nice though. Definately someone who is fun. Then Kenneth Hari pretty much asked me to be his muse and work with him. I am in a debate with that though. He wants me to be exclusive with him starting today! He said I would make a lot of money, but I don't want to be exclusive to him, I want to be able to work with other people, models and photographers. Yet it would be nice to work with him and make lots of money. I just can't help but think of all the people I have already met, and have loved working with. A lot of them have become like a family to me. Orixx is so precious, Gary is such a cool guy. Tony, Mike, Harold, and Jim are like family to me. They always have my back and look into things for me as I would do for them. Adam is really cool, and Anavay, well for a mom she is one hell of a MILF, and so is Orixx. I am so proud of them for keeping a shape and they are so much fun to be around. Char is a hoot too!! She is so out there like me and I love her to death! John and John (fotoguy and jwb) they are so sweet and they love to listen and respond! Amanda F was shy at first but is really sweet. Lady Jewel I have never worked with, but she is out there and I totally give her kudos! Brian Sullivan and Scottie Howison, they are both so gorgeous and great to be around. Kevin and Angela, well they are just a whole new level, and I totally love them!
Bernie is a sweet guy, and really cool to talk to. There are just soo many people that I could go on with, and I don't know how I would feel if I had to just give up working with them. It breaks my heart to think about it, I am torn and don't know what to do :(

Monday, March 24, 2008

last night

I shot with gary for a couple of hours then went over to my friend mark's house as I did his hair waiting for my petri to get off work. Then I came home dad and I watched a thing about a savant (spelling?) and it was really cool. This guy was blind, and at 26 he had a severe autism and had the IQ of a 4 year old. But he was musically genius. He could play any note that he heard, and when they did a study on him to see how his brain worked, they played 64 different parts of Moonlight Sonata, and he randomly guessed on if the pieces were correct or incorrect, but when they looked at the brain waves, he could tell exactly which note was wrong. It was totally amazing!!

Then petri came over and I ended up going to sleep from having a long day of cleaning, cooking, and shooting :(

but he is still here and I am going to seduce him now :)

I am woman

I am woman